Cheers to February!

cheers to febCheers to February! 🍷 I will be celebrating later with a large, possibly expensive, glass of wine, thank you very much. When I started my business almost 2 years ago, I knew I had to create some good habits and break a few bad ones in order to succeed. Since then I’ve made meditation a daily practice, resumed journaling, and each night before bed I choose the highlight of that day to savor and appreciate before drifting off. At the first of January I decided to give up ONE THING in order to create better habits and strengthen my self-discipline, so in a moment of insanity I chose wine.⁠

I considered sugar or carbs or Outlander re-watches, but as soon as wine crossed my mind, I knew that was it. Wine had become like morning coffee – unconsciously pouring myself a glass after a long day of work – more ritual than habit. I also knew that I could do it.⁠

There were a couple of stressful nights when a chilled glass of anti-anxiety juice sounded really good, and I did enjoy a beer or cocktail occasionally when I went out, but I did it. No wine passed my lips for 31 days and I feel like I. Can. Do. Anything.⁠

I’m so inspired, that I’ll be making/breaking a new habit each month this year. Being accountable to myself tastes almost as good as that buttery Chard I have planned later.

So, how do you break habits or create good ones?⁠

📸 by Symonenko Viktoriia from Shutterstock, modified by SuzuCreative.⁠

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