Hello world!

Well, I finally got my first blog site set up. I’m feeling a little inept. After numerous crashes and attempts to edit my design, I finally found wordpress isn’t compatible with Safari. Hello? Am I the only one in the world using a Mac? Sigh.

I’m not sure yet what shades and textures my petals will take on as this blog evolves. I love to write, draw, paint, design, and basically create. Ergo, various petals complete my flora. I’m a little drained just getting this far (it’s been a bitch of a week) so I’ll sign off my first post with a promise to cultivate this garden as the summer dawns.

In case you’re not a big Capra fan, my blog name is a nod to zuzu’s petals, a pivotal prop in the timeless classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It really is a wonderful life, in spite of a few curve balls these past few months. I refuse to believe otherwise. Dream big … Suz

Whatcha think?

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