My not-so-violent torpedo of truth

My humble opinion as printed in the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor I’m normally an upbeat, optimistic person, but recent world events have scratched and smudged my rose colored glasses. The horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan broke my heart, and it’s true, the inevitable unrest and American involvement in Libya has rattled my equanimity, but I’m … Continue reading My not-so-violent torpedo of truth

He’s a Magic Man

Reposted with permission of beet street, Fort CollinsWhen you describe someone as manipulative, it’s not usually a glowing compliment, however Dan Jaspersen’s ability to manipulate what you see and believe is not only a source of pride, it’s his livelihood. This month’s Art Cafe – Mentalist, Manipulator, Magician – is presented by the man, who … Continue reading He’s a Magic Man

“Remember Me” breaks the vampire out of his coffin

by SuzsPetals (Reprinted with permission from the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor) “Remember Me” is a poignant little film never intending to be major box office fodder, much less to bump a giant like “Alice in Wonderland” out of first place. So why all the scrutiny and pressure? It happens to be the indy drama Robert Pattinson … Continue reading “Remember Me” breaks the vampire out of his coffin