Becoming a mother is like…

Becoming a mother is like painting a picture with my eyes closed.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to subtle influences from the ego when I decided to become a mother almost ten years ago. I’m sure many parents share that secret and cliché dream of molding an unborn child into an interesting little reflection of ourselves. Yes, I would take my future daughter to art museums, read to her each night, thereby nurturing her love of books, and impart every silly and wise thing I’d learned in forty-plus years.

Then came the day I received my beautiful little canvas. Already ten-months-old, she had a vivid base coat with daubs of color and character. Hey, I could work with that — I had brushes, paints — tools passed to me by books, other mothers, my mother.

In reverence for this chubby, beautiful gift, I closed my eyes and lifted my brush. And as a mother I discovered what I already knew as an artist: The most spectacular works of art paint themselves.

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