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The Family Business is growing up

Two months ago I published the first chapter of my twisted little fanfic version of the Twilight tale. After posting chapter 10 last night I decided a celebration was in order. I drank the champagne by myself but all of my readers were there in spirit, honest! At one point I had the desire to follow suit with other writers and update my (non-Twilight) blog with teasers, song lists, art and fic rec’s. Being very busy, lazy and punctually challenged, it never happened. So in addition to my bubbly hangover, I’m celebrating my tenth chapter with an update.

I also designed a banner for The Family Business as you can see here. I’m a graphic designer by profession and I’m blown away by some of the art, banners and manipulations I’ve seen in this arena. Luckily for us, The Precious* has a million versions of himself from which to choose and steal for our lusty purposes. I bow to the talent in the fandom and hope everyone enjoys my vision of Slayerward.

Speaking of the nickname for our hero, I want to thank TideRider for that. As a Twi-fic writer and reader, I knew I’d truly arrived when my Edward had been dubbed.

All right, enough rambling. Starting today and updating regularly until I catch up, I’ll post some art, a blurb or quote, and some other fun nonsense from each chapter. Then the blurbs should actually become teasers for unpublished chapters. (Aren’t good intentions cute?)

*For the record, I don’t actually picture Rob** as Edward in very many fics, but the set of photos from which I borrowed for the banner made me think of Slayerward immediately.

**I prefer to picture Rob in my bedroom, feeding me white chocolate and singing Snow Patrol songs. Among other things.

And here you go…

Chapter 1
Bowling Shoe Blues (Edward)

“I felt the warning vibe like a cold finger at the base of my neck. My family and I had been hunting and killing vampires for as long as I could remember and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I drew breath today because of my total respect for the vibe.”

Songs: Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol; Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney
(I have a shitload of songs for future chapters and welcome suggestions.)

Favorite reader review of this chapter: “Oh please let there be a tiny thought in Edward’s head to call his friend Buffy to ask her how she handled being in love with the undead :). Forks as a hellmouth makes much more sense then Sunnydale or Cleveland!” – ladyspinning

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